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Indoctrination Theory 2.0 - Anderson's Last Stand
Indoctrination Theory 2.0 – Anderson's Last Stand
WARNING: This is in Support of the Theory which does have some credibility and some people do believe, you don't like it then GTFO... F*in Trolls.
So with the newly released Extended Cut many people are convinced that Bioware has been effectively shot down. I mean they spent months and tons of money on a brand new ending so it would seem that Bioware really does want 2001: A Space Odyssey's Starchild to offer you the endings of Dues Ex. Bioware has stated that they will neither disprove nor prove the theory because "They want the players to interpret the endings in their own way."
While most say the EC Dlc straight-out disproves the theory this is not true. Many of the Theory's supports, The Dreams correlating with the Rachni's Warnings, the correlations of control and synthesis with the Illusive Man and Saren, the fact that the child is largely ignored by everyone but Shepard, still exists. Hell, the EC even adds another support a
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OC Multiversal Royal
MROCT: Spectator Entry Pt 2 of 3 (Preview)
"Let's Rase the Roof"

Soluman stood silently, studying the "man" in front of him, holding him at gunpoint. He appeared heavily scarred as large veins crisscrossed his entire body. His right hand was deformed, bulging claws erupted from the end of his hand and veins wrapped around that still. And his face, OH GOD HIS FACE, had a huge network of veins which descended from his forehead and split to cross over his eyes, which bore no pupils.
The aforementioned gun was in his left hand, to spare the awkwardness of trying to fit it in his right one.
"Hello," he began coldly, "Subject 501 was it?"
Soluman, with an irritated look on his face, began to reply: "OK, first off, it's Soluman. Nobody is dumb enough to think someone is named off the numerical system. Second, I'm sorry but where the hell is your face. I believe it's been replaced with something I like to call ugly."
Rase's face con
:iconproj077:Proj077 1 3
OCMR Spectator Entry 1
OC Multiversal Royal
MROCT: Spectator Entry Pt 1 of 3
More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

An endless torrent of curses resonated in Soluman's head as the being known as "Dark Zack" chased him down the hallway. By this point his body had changed to be more slender, faster, speed that could rival a cheetah almost. However, Cheetahs can only run for so long until they need to rest, to regain their strength, he has to think of something fast.
A large explosion sounds off as Soluman narrowly dodges a bolt of energy thrown by Dark Zack.
"COME ON FURBALL! A fight's is no fun when you keep runnin like a pussy."
He had no idea of Dark Zack's power or identity but if scum like Talos was involved it could get... tricky. He rounded a corner as Dark Zack continued chase.
"I'm getting TIRED OF THIS BULLSHI..."
Zack was cut off as he was cloths-lined by Soluman's arm, which sent him tumbling into the nearby wall.
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Zander Ishimari-Subject 082 by Proj077 Zander Ishimari-Subject 082 :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Zander Ishimari-Subject 082 by Proj077 Zander Ishimari-Subject 082 :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Demon Leader WIP by Proj077 Demon Leader WIP :iconproj077:Proj077 1 0 Ice Demon by Proj077 Ice Demon :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Aquayus, The Fallen King by Proj077 Aquayus, The Fallen King :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Patchwork, The Living Doll by Proj077 Patchwork, The Living Doll :iconproj077:Proj077 1 0 Prof. Hobo by Proj077 Prof. Hobo :iconproj077:Proj077 1 0 Randal Kadain by Proj077 Randal Kadain :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Various Kayle Animals by Proj077 Various Kayle Animals :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Borkuna by Proj077 Borkuna :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Kayle by Proj077 Kayle :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Necrosi of the Damned by Proj077 Necrosi of the Damned :iconproj077:Proj077 0 0 Cinos by Proj077 Cinos :iconproj077:Proj077 1 0

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Soluman Blevins
United States
Hello Deviants!! New kid on the block here. Ok, i have a few pics to share with you, but I'll be honest, I've been out of it lately but don't think that i won't try to post occasionally. Where my art has encountered a block my writing skills are stronger than ever(mind a plot hole or two). I will try to post stuff about my many series such as Proj.077, Unnamed title No.2(WIP), Randal, and the many adventures of Prof. Hobo(when I'm bored he appears, and sanity gets his neck snapped). Also I'll be helping a friend with his Monster Factory Series. Hope you enjoy :).

On another note i won't mind some help and fell free to make Fan Art of them(I'm pretty much a concept artist right now) just be sure to note whose idea it was, or well find you.

Current Residence: TN
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Deadpool or Spider-man
Personal Quote: The best part of being insane is that it gives you more freedom :)


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